LCND Mission Statement

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Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Lohana Community is one of twenty one Mahajans of the Lohana Community of United Kingdom (LCUK).

Established in the mid 1970’s and reformed in 2008, viagra sales we have a growing membership of over 120 families in the two counties and affiliated members from neighbouring cities including Leicester and Birmingham.

Our Mission is to enhance and preserve unity, togetherness, rich heritage and culture within our Lohana community in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Our aim is to promote the cultural, religious, social, health, linguistic and economic welfare of Lohanas in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

Our objectives are to follow the paths of our great ancestors and develop projects that will:

  • Ensure our Raghuvanshi values are embraced.
  • Celebrate the religious Hindu festivals.
  • Bring people together and inspire a sense of belonging to our great community.
  • Support our youth to excel by promoting peer networking.
  • Engage with, and contribute positively to the wider communities.